ElvenSarah » Guess you are gone too
convert usd gbp » Currency Rate Calculator widgets for blogs are available as well as other ways to get updated with exchange rates.
Leandro » Nice to have you back!
J f Z » Miss me?
Hibiki6 » We are faced with so many problems today and one of them is the surging oil prices. But I view this as a positive developmet because it will wake up stake holders from their slumber.
Spanner » Sup pimp! Long time no see
PETA FAILS » Fight the fight against PETA! http://www.petakillsanimals.com/
Sister Steph » Hey guy. Was checking out your blog and your investing. Good stuff. Hope all is well!
J f Z » Glad to hear you're feeling better, B.
Floggin Flouncy » Hey it's been awhile but I've just gotten settled into my new place. Thought I'd check around to some old friends. How's life?
jive » been too long
Brandon Starr » I can hardly imagine what it would do to gas, J F Z. Hi, evie and Che.
evie » bloghopping this way
J f Z » What would another war (with Iran) do to the price of gas?
CheMik » Nice blog ^ please go to visit my sport, bet blog. . Link exchange?
J f Z » <-- Iraq post, but I also put a link to a recent Ron Paul speech transcript in it. You'll be interested.
Brandon Starr » Hey, Herbert. Hello back from the USA.
herbert » hello from germany
Oswuari » thank you.
Librarianguish » Hello!!! I've been scarce of late...glad to see you're still at it. The world is getting awful crazy.
J f Z » <-- GWoT update for ya.
J f Z » <-- Gitmo. SCOTUS. Meh.
Leandro » Hello
Brandon Starr » Hey, Aspasia and misty-e.
Aspasia » Hey Brandon! Long time, no see.
misty-e » hello brandon
J f Z » <-- some commentary about the WH source.
cath » huh
Ronedski » Had spare moments. Read last 2 weeks of entries. Don't agree w/ some things, but you keep me from getting complacent. Thanks.
C.J » check me out @ http://grammyboy07.blogdrive.com
J f Z » <-- could use some libertarian comments
Brandon Starr » All is well. I was off track for a while, though.
J f Z » <-- Politix fodder for ya, Brandon
Leandro » It's nice have you back.
Ronedski » I noticed you haven't posted for a few days. Everything OK?
JesterJosh » I'm going to invest in lint. It is a growing market!
Ronedski » OK. I can say the same thing about what's currently taught. It isn't science either. Theory. I can't "prove it" any more than you can disprove intelligent design.
J f Z » I can't remember what I was doing on May 4th or 5th, 2000 ... but apparently, I survived.
Leandro » I wish you and your family a happy and blessed 2006.
jive » haha truly great post
Brandon Starr » To Leandro: Hi! Hope all is well. To Brandon Starr: Hey, I didn't know there was another one of us. I trust your name, like mine, is from birth, not a stage name or nom-de-plume.
Brandon Starr » hey... I like the space... the name to... lol... haha... we got the same name
Leandro » Hi there!
J f Z » <-- the Terror Alert Xylophone will surely cheer you up, Brandon.
J f Z » <-- Film stuff for you, B.
gwashington » TAG UR IT !!!!
ghe » checkin in..
J f Z » I Plame to ease, B.
Brandon Starr » Great link, JfZ--thanks!
JfZ thinks aloud » <-- how's that God thang working out for you?
flogginflouncy » I'm do my best to have fun, thanks Brandon Keep checking the blog I'll try to update every now and again.
flogginflouncy » I'm do my best to have fun, thanks Brandon Keep checking the blog I'll try to update every now and again.
J f Z » Thanks, B.
J f Z » <-- Helpful Katrina entries. (hopefully)
Brandon Starr » Thx, JfZ. Good stuff.
J f Z » <-- just stumbled on this BD blog today. You should be an author on it, B.
Evette » cucumbers mostly.. sometimes peaches too..
jive » I agree I had high hopes for burtons and depps attempt
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Pam. What kind of pickles, Evette?
Evette » Me and my mom make pickles too.. once in the summer and in the winter.. my granny used to do that with her kids too..
Pam » I loved The Voice of Cassandra and espically the History of Magic. Hope to read more, Send me an email if you do to handsonfarm@comcast.net Thanks
Brandon Starr » Hello, hello!
mellowyellow » came from Maroux blog, hello!
Evette » oh ok.. now I know it was a stupid question..
Brandon Starr » By checking out your blog and finding the references to the Iliad.
Evette » stupid question.. why do you think i liked it??
Brandon Starr » Hello, librarianne!
librarianne » Hellloooooo!
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Evette.
Evette » nice entry.. the one on troy!!
Brandon Starr » I think that's true. Many great poets were drunks or druggies, too.
J f Z » Some of the greats were also flawed with something. I think this gave them an outsider prospective from the society at large. Van Gogh had epilepsy and Dali's museum is in FL.
J f Z » Hey B! It's comforting to know that someone might notice if I get smited. Heh.
The Don » Good to have you back.
Aspasia » Damn, Brandon! Where you at?
Jezebel » I think being slightly off-center is a prerequisite to being an artist. I need to start painting then.
Brandon Starr » A lot of great artists were troubled in one way or another. Van Gogh, Dickinson, Poe, Yankovic...
Beverly » Have a great day!
Beverly » You should see it ~ it may be a while before he makes another!
Beverly » Hello again Brandon! "Cinderella Man" is a terrific film, very inspirational, and despite Russell Crowe's problems I think he's an excellent actor.
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Beverly.
Beverly » Hi Ho Brandon ~ Totally agree with you on the pot issue. So much for democracy in action huh? Great blog, great humor.
Brandon Starr » Hey, Leandro! How are things in Brasil?
Leandro » Hello from Brazil
Brandon Starr » Thanks, jive. I try to keep my hand in.
jive » as usual still impressed with your writing endeavors
Brandon Starr » Hey, Maroux. It's going fine. Thanks, jive.
Maroux » stopping by to say hello how's it going?
jive » glad he is back safe
TAO2004 » nice blog you got here, good layout and theme. sweet! check out mine.
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Maroux!
Maroux » stopping by to wish your Mom and wife a Happy Mother's day!
angelicsmile » blog hopping! awesome blog brandon!
Brandon Starr » Thanks, BrownSugar.
BrownSugar » Hey, wassup...just wanted to stop by and read your movie update
jive » rants rock
Brandon Starr » I effin' love effin' rants!
J f Z » <-- Brandon. I seemed to have started the new month with an effin' rant.
Brandon Starr » Thanks, jr.
jr » cool blog