Entry: Murder suspect plucks out own eye Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Murder suspect yanks out own eye with his bare hands

The murder suspect quoted a Bible verse, Mark 9:47:  "And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell."

Great.  Another Christian psycho.

All right.  Let's go through this once more.

1)  First of all, quoting this particular verse after plucking out your own eye while in jail on suspicion of murder is tantamount to a confession.  He's currently being evaluated psychologically, so it may not be an issue.  This is a minor point.

2)  This sort of verse is why the self-psychotics known as Christians do nutty things, like refuse to donate their organs.  They think they're going to need them later.  They're not.

3)  This particularly nutty Bible verse implies that any damage you do to your body remains after death in your "soul."  So, if your body is slowly torn to shreds by some torturer, and you survive a few hours, you'll end up in heaven all cut up, with parts missing?  If you're born blind, you'll also be blind in heaven?  Or does it only count if it's self-inflicted?  Ah, but who can make sense of the senseless?

4)  The true damage done to the human psyche by religion, and particularly by Christianity, is hinted at here:  "if your eye causes you to sin."  This is, of course, a moral cop-out.  Eyes don't cause you to do anything, good or bad.  YOU do.  If you murder someone, it wasn't your trigger-finger or your clutching, choking hands that caused you to do it.  YOU did.  Similarly, you are not born guilty.  "Original sin" is a crime against humanity.  You are responsible for your life, the good and the bad--but only in the things you do yourself.  The thought that babies are born with crime on their hands, whether you call it sin or whatever, is sickening to the rational.  Similarly, no one can "die for your sins."  If you commit a crime against someone else, you're the only one who can possibly make it right.  And it can only be made right by actions which undo the damage.  Anyone who thinks that they can cause damage to others, and it'll be okay once they repent,* because "Jesus died for my sins," is a moral pervert.

Obviously, this blog entry isn't going to convert anyone from Christianity or any other religion to rationality.  I'm being way too confrontational.  But at least I'm being clear.

* Repenting for sins by prayer is a moral perversion in two ways--both because it assumes that someone else, this dead "Jesus," will take care of the sin, and because it is a mere thought, and not an action designed to make things right with the person wronged.  Corollary:  actions which do no harm to others are not morally wrong.  "Thinking bad thoughts" is not morally wrong; only doing actions which do harm to others.  The "thought sin" is another perversion of morality by religion.  This is also why atheists and agnostics tend to gravitate towards civil libertarianism.


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