Entry: "God told me" child-killin' Mom found insane Saturday, April 03, 2004

"God told me" defense works, Mom not guilty by reason of insanity for killing her children

Hard to say what I think of this.  True, she was insane--still is.  She believes in an invisible man in the sky who told her things to do.  Little things, like pray.  Big things, like kill her babies, bashing their heads in until the brains spilled like lumpy gravy.  She listened to the invisible man.  She did as he told her.

So do a lot of other folks.  Happily, the invisible man doesn't tell everyone to kill.

Or more accurately, most folks have a rationality circuit that kicks in, preventing their religion from making them do things irrationally.  Most folks do enough religion to get by in society.  When things get nutty, their circuit breaks, and they get out.  But not everyone.

Not everyone.


Na Na AnA
April 4, 2004   05:18 PM PDT
I heard she wasn't convicted....that's disgusting...it's so so so wrong!!!!
Brandon Starr
April 5, 2004   11:20 AM PDT
It's true. Not guilty by reason of insanity still means not guilty.

She'll be put in a mental institution. Depending on other factors, she could be in there for life, or out in mere weeks.

Presumably, there will be enough public pressure put on the situation that the "weeks" scenario will not play out, and that she'll be in there a substantial period. But when she does get out, she'll be free as a bird.

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