Entry: Keep an eye on Dean Friday, August 17, 2007

HWN.org is following Dean.  It's tracking in a way extremely dangerous for the United States and possibly Mexico.

It is already chugging along on an east-to-west path just above Brazil, and is about to move from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf has record high water temperatures in many places.  Right now it looks like it will start to head WNW in about a day, which will keep it just above South America.

Most hurricanes, at some point, switch directions because they move from the trade winds to what we think of as the more normal west-to-east winds of the jet stream.

The question is, when will it turn north?  Soon, smacking Florida?  Late, whacking Mexico?  Or will it do what seems very likely, and split the difference, hitting the oil-rich Gulf Coast area of Texas and Louisiana?  It's clearly too soon to tell, but you may want to gas up now if you have any large tanks that need filling--the current happy prices could well rebound if Texas or Louisiana gets smacked by a storm that is ALREADY a category 3 and hasn't even found the happy hunting grounds of the warm Gulf of Mexico yet.



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