Entry: hwn.org--watch those storms! Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Keep your eye on Hurricane Watch Net.org.  They provide info and graphics on all storms--especially in the Atlantic and Gulf regions.

For named storms, you can also get a graphic of where the storm is and where it's being projected to go.

Right now, we're looking at Tropical Storm Erin, which isn't likely to become a hurricane but is poised to smash directly into Texas.  That's one reason energy has been higher the last couple of days.

We're also looking at Tropical Storm Dean, which has the eventual potential to threaten landfall anywhere from Mexico to Florida, and likely will do so as a hurricane.  It's making its way due west from the Atlantic just above the coast of Brasil.  Projections right now just show it going straight, but these storms always turn at some point--and they turn north.

Either way, it'll be going into Gulf waters at a time of record temperatures there.  That means lots of energy for the storm to pick up.

Dean could turn out to be a monster.



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