Entry: "Ocean's Thirteen" Monday, June 25, 2007

I recently saw "Ocean's Thirteen" and enjoyed it immensely.

Oddly, I never saw "Twelve."  We bought the DVD just before a vacation and then lost it during the trip.  I never heard great reviews of it, though, so I never bothered getting it again.

I loved "Eleven."  I'm a sucker for heist movies--especially good heist movies, which are rare.  "The Sting," of course, is undoubtedly the best.  There are others worth watching, though:  "Charade" and "Bank Shot" come to mind.

Similarly, I'm looking forward to the third installment of the "Bourne" movies later this summer.  While not exactly a heist movie, there are lots of double-crosses and counter-moves that emotionally resonate in the same way.  Same for the final "Die Hard" movie coming out soon, though a bit less of a heist/double-cross movie and a bit more on the action side.

I'm sure there are other interesting heist/double-cross movies out there, but it's hard to put any to mind.



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