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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Clever idea of the day

How to make wind generators useful when the wind doesn't blow?

You have the turbines make hydrogen fuel any time the generation is higher than the electricity demand.  Then, when the wind is low, the hydrogen runs a generator instead.

Beautiful, simple, useful.

Posted at 06:36 pm by brandonstarr
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..and yet more info on silver

Well, now the silver chart appears a lot flatter.  It's still down, the same amount as the last time--around $0.50/ounce.  But the steeper drop down to the low $4 level has disappeared.  Hard to say what happened exactly.

Either way, silver is looking weaker in the short term.  You can bet I'll be looking for a good spot to jump in if silver really takes it in the chops.

Posted at 09:44 am by brandonstarr
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...and the silver rebound

Whew.  Silver is going on a major rebound.  It's still down heavily as a metal, and the stocks are still in the basement, but jeez, I'd hate to be a commodities futures guy today.

This increases the uncertainty around silver, so it'll be a while before I feel comfortable jumping back in.  We'll see.

Posted at 08:33 am by brandonstarr
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Silver slammed

Chinese comments slam metal, coal stocks

China, whose economy has been very strong the last few years, is saying it needs to cool off its economy to prevent overheating (i.e. inflation).

Gold stocks are down about 5%.  Silver, because it has industrial uses, is down more.  Silver miner SSRI is down over 10%.  Silver prices are down over $1 an ounce.  This is a monster move.

Oh, and one minor correction.  I thought I was out of silver altogether, but I forgot I had a small amount in my IRA, which I rarely check.  Well, I have 10% less today.  Ouch.

Not sure if it's time to get back into silver yet, but surely this is bringing the time closer.  Woof.

Posted at 07:48 am by brandonstarr
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Funny product of the day

A variation on the "Jesus fish"

Funny, and it makes you think.

Posted at 06:38 am by brandonstarr
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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
One more thing about the unforgivable Bush action...

...where he cleans his glasses on a woman's blouse:  he doesn't even know her.  He's doing this to a total stranger.


Posted at 12:28 pm by brandonstarr
Comments (2)  

Unforgivable Bush action--holy cow, I can't believe my eyes

Bush takes unsuspecting woman's blouse, cleans his glasses with it

It happened at "Late Show With David Letterman."  The video is available on the link.

Really, what can you say about a guy who treats people with so little respect?  He must think this woman is less than human to clean the grease off his glasses using her clothing without asking.

I am flabbergasted and disgusted.

Posted at 10:31 am by brandonstarr
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Monday, April 26, 2004
This explains the feeling I get watching Bush stumble over a question

Research: brain response same for watching mistakes as making your own mistakes

I think we all know that feeling.  When someone is trying to get the "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle with only one blank space left and can't, and you just want to reach through the screen and throttle them.  Or watching a friend drop an easy catch.

Likely this response helps people come to the aid of others, increasing efficiency.  Imagine if you are in a primitive tribe, and some numbskull is hunting by stepping on every dry stick in their path.  If you didn't want to go over and smack them upside the head, it could jeopardize the food for your entire group.  This part is, of course, speculation on my part.

This seems to be the opposite of schadenfreude, the "shameful joy" you feel when gleefully watching someone fail.  Likely the difference has to do with your attitude towards the other person.  If they're a rival, you'll more likely feel schadenfreude; if an ally, you're likely to feel this "argh, don't do that!" response, which doesn't have a cool name that I know of.

Of course, when I watch Bush stumble, and I feel "argh" instead of schadenfreude, it's an indication that I want him to succeed.  That's not surprising, even though I differ with him on many issues.  I still want a President who is competent.  Too bad I feel "argh" on an almost constant basis.

I'll have to live with it.  Hopefully only a few more months.

Posted at 08:07 pm by brandonstarr
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North Korea refuses aid by train

North Korea refuses aid by train from South Korea

If you don't fight for freedom, you'll end up like the folks in North Korea--held hostage by their tyrannical government, starved, poor, and, when disaster strikes, unable to receive help by the quickest means because of the governmental fears.

Fight for freedom, or you'll have little left to fight for.

Posted at 01:10 pm by brandonstarr
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Sunday, April 25, 2004
Why don't our soldiers have the equipment they need?

Newsweek:  many soldiers in Iraq not properly equipped

We're spending an awful lot of money in Iraq not to have proper equipment for our guys.

I hope that when and if my cousin gets transferred back to Iraq, he has what he needs to survive.

This is ridiculous.

Posted at 05:56 pm by brandonstarr
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