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Saturday, October 23, 2004
10 days until the election...starting top ten list

I'm starting a top ten list, one per day, ending on election day:

Top ten non-policy reasons to vote for Kerry over Bush

Some will be anti-Bush, some will be comparative, and some will be pro-Kerry.

All will be non-policy.

In other words, I won't be arguing the benefits of one health care plan over another, or whether there should be a cut or a raise in the capital-gains tax.


Well, there are plenty of issues out there that are important.  Very important.  But some elections aren't about the issues.  This happens when you have someone in power whose lack of ethics, lack of judgement, and extremism are so dangerous to our future that he must be defeated.

This is such an election, when the person trumps the issues.

So, here we go with the tenth reason...

#10:  Bush is lazy, Kerry is hard-working.

Bush's record before he started having corporations given to him by his dad and his dad's cronies is one of being a true wastrel.  After being given a "get out of Vietnam free" card by his dad's friends, he goes through expensive pilot training, then blows it off and does...well, no one quite knows, but it wasn't what he had signed up to do "for our country."

Kerry's early record?  While he probably could have figured out a way to weasel his way out of Vietnam, instead he signed up for military service.  And then, he volunteered for one of the most dangerous duties in his branch of the service--swift-boat duty.  After Vietnam, he works hard to try to get the public and the government to get the POWs out of Vietnam, and for everyone to see the policy errors of a war with no strategy for winning and no exit strategy.

After Vietnam, Bush goes through his "failed CEO" period...something for another time.  Later, he became the Governor of Texas--Texas has a "weak governor" system, so it wasn't too hard for him to do.  Then, of course, he fell into the Presidency after his brother made sure Florida went his way.

As President, Bush has spent more than 40% of his time outside the White House--at either of his two mansions, or at Camp David.

After Vietnam, Kerry becomes a very successful prosecutor, then a lieutenant governor, then a Senator.  He has never spent any long amount of time not working his butt off.

During the first debate, we found out just how much of a strain the Presidency is on a lazy man like George W. Bush.  Eleven times he talked about how he's doing "hard work" or how the Presidency is "hard work."  Once he talked about how loving his wife is "hard work."  And twice he talked about how he and others in his Administration are working "hard."

Kerry's first words in his nomination acceptance speech?  That he's "reporting for duty."  He's a man who was disciplined by military life, and worked hard ever since.

And that's reason number ten:  Kerry is hard-working, Bush is too lazy to do an effective job.

Posted at 02:55 pm by brandonstarr

October 23, 2004   08:31 PM PDT
Loving his wife is hard work, eh? Must make Laura feel like a queen.
October 24, 2004   12:30 AM PDT
Yea, Kerry did work hard in Vietnam. He worked hard at finding doctors to sign off on his self inflicted injuries so he could get his free ticket home (three Purple Hearts).
Brandon Starr
October 24, 2004   11:34 AM PDT
Duke, don't drink the Kool-Aid.
Brandon Starr
October 24, 2004   11:39 AM PDT
Man, I hate when people denigrate those who serve.
October 24, 2004   10:04 PM PDT
I only denigrate those who lie. I respect the fact that he served, I served in the Army myself...I just don't respect his actions while he was serving and especially after he came home.

I personally feel neither of their service records matter nor should they have been brought into the race...but since Kerry is the one who brought it up he should be willing to face what he did. In HIS OWN WORDS he committed war crimes in Vietnam.
Brandon Starr
October 25, 2004   01:59 PM PDT
No, he didn't. The stories of war crimes he related in his Congressional testimony were stories he was bringing to Congress from Vietnam veterans he had met with.

Do your homework, don't just spout the crud you receive from Fox Opinions or Russsssssh Limbaugh.

If you really think Kerry drove into enemy fire as a way to "self inflict" wounds, you're beyond salvage of your rational faculties.

The Swift Boat Veterans for Lies have been discredited so thoroughly I don't understand why anyone takes them seriously any more. If they're your "source," you might as well cite Karl Rove.
October 25, 2004   04:11 PM PDT
It is so incredibly disgusting that Veterans are STILL being treated like trash!

For all of you a$$holes who wear your purple heart bandaids, why don't you go serve? How about you send your sons and daughters out there??

Oh, but no... then the death and the lies would be too personal and too real, you would be forced to accept the fact that Iraq-nam was a mistake, and that "Texan" swaggering idiot isn't all he's cracked up to be.

You are totally right, Brandon. Some people need to do a little reasearch. Rush Limbaugh is a mindless conservative robot.

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