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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Ford sales down only 21% from last year

Ford sales drop 21% from last year

And some are seeing this as good news, in the coulda-been-worse way.

High oil and gas prices are here to stay, friends.  And the auto industry is finally waking up to the fact that there really aren't enough refineries to keep up with demand, nor is the world keeping up with crude oil exploration compared to discoveries.

This year may be the first time since the mid-80s that more oil has been discovered than was used by the world.  This is because the high prices make it more feasible to undergo exploration.  Yet this bright spot is somewhat dimmed when you realize that the oil discovered is more and more often in hard-to-reach places or countries with horrible political situations.  The low-hanging fruit has been plucked.  Guess what?  The remaining oil costs more to extract.  Even if prices did fall, it wouldn't be for long, because the new discoveries wouldn't turn into oil wells then, and prices would bounce right back up.

The earth does not have a rich, gooey oil (or nougat) center.  While it may not ever run out in the absolute sense, it absolutely will run out as far as oil that can be extracted and brought to market in a reasonably economic way.  The sooner we act on this realization, the better off we will be--financially and ecologically.


Posted at 03:50 pm by brandonstarr

J f Z
October 29, 2007   10:50 PM PDT
After the baby boom generation bankrupts the country and finally dies off, things may have a chance of improving.

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