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Friday, September 21, 2007
Spielberg has work to do

Turns out velociraptor had feathers (AP)

Time to crank up the old CGI machines and make the 'raptors even cooler.

Ah, what the hell, blame it on Jurassic Park's frog DNA.

Anyway, as one of the types of dinosaurs close to the link to birds, it wasn't too surprising for scientists to find this, but it was rather difficult--you have to find a specimen in good enough shape to still be able to have the bones' quill knobs in evidence.

While velociraptor wasn't even close to being able to fly, it may as the article states have been used in courtship, to control the raptor's body temperature or the temperature of its nests, or to aid in turning at full speed.  Or combinations of some or all of the above, of course.

More than ever, the deadly critter "looks more like a giant turkey."


Posted at 03:42 pm by brandonstarr

J f Z
September 22, 2007   03:00 AM PDT
It's a shame Jerry Falwell died before Larry Flynt could have yelled "quill knobs" at him.

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